Public Companies

Public Companies

Managing a public company, or raising capital on a public exchange, present special requirements and challenges for your company’s financial managers. These challenges are particularly challenging for mid-sized and early-stage companies that lack the resources of larger companies. The rules under the 1933 and 1934 Securities Acts are complex, requiring specific types of operational and financial disclosure. Registration of new securities offerings (1933 Act filings) requires your company to meet significant and detailed requirements before the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) allows securities to be sold. These requirements are time-consuming and establish corporate and personal penalties for non-compliance. Of course, access to significant growth capital, monetization of private investments, and the prestige of being a public company are real rewards for the companies and owners that navigate the process successfully.

How the Florida CFO Group Can Help

Many of the Florida CFO Group partners are former CFOs of public companies and have raised public market capital. Whether your company is planning a security offering or undertaking financial reporting and investor relations as a newly-formed public company, our partners have the experience to guide you.

Specifically, if your company is considering a public offering, there are changes in accounting and financial reporting requirements, audit requirements, and many steps leading up to the offering where strategic financial advice is crucial. If your company is already publicly held, your financial team may need assistance in implementing new public company reporting standards, as well as with careful financial planning and analysis and investor relations.

Some of the specific projects or roles that Florida CFO Group partners may include:

New Public Security Issuers
  • Development of a detailed plan for offering
  • Development of financial projection and related market guidance for post-offering performance
  • Participation in company valuation analysis
  • Evaluation of current accounting, reporting and internal controls for required changes
  • Assistance in selecting and working with Investment Banks
  • Assistance with developing required disclosures and related documentation
  • Coordination of 3-year independent audit process required in registration statement
  • Advice on elections allowed for smaller issuers under the JOBS Act rules
Existing Public Companies
  • Maintain and assist with ongoing quarterly, annual and event-driven financial reporting
  • Implementation of new public company accounting / financial reporting rules
  • Assistance in addressing internal control deficiencies in concert with company auditors
  • Improvement of investor relations
  • Assistance with M&A process and disclosures in a public setting
  • Assistance to executive and legal teams in addressing tender offers, proxy battles and similar major corporate events
  • Performing as an “adjunct CFO” when public company demands exceed capabilities

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"Don's arrival at 1A Auto brought about marked improvements in operations including financial reporting, SOX compliance, and cash and inventory management, Perhaps most impressive was his ability to quickly understand and rectify issues that had been plaguing the company for months beforehand.
In addition, it was a pleasure reporting to Don - I was able to learn a considerable amount under his guidance and mentorship. He is a superior team player and would be a valuable asset to any company looking for a strong leader with great financial acumen."

Anjaneya Singh, CFA
Director, Investor Relations