Our Partners

As a small business owner, why did you take the risk and put the time into building your own business? Likely to use your expertise in product development, direct sales and marketing to exploit an underserved market, bring a new product to market, and create happy customers, right? And for most entrepreneurs, establishing a more balanced and flexible work life is key.

Along the way, many other duties inevitably arise – managing a team, keeping the books, dealing with creditors of all types and establishing financial strategy are certainly among these needs. Most of our clients find that it is very difficult to achieve excellence in business plan execution as well as in financial operations and strategy. But each is a necessary part of business success. Helping shoulder the load – primarily in the financial area - is where a part-time CFO can be a great benefit to the entrepreneur.

A partner from the Florida CFO Group, acting as a part-time CFO, will work with you to analyze your business as it stands now as well as the profits and cash that may be attained from incremental investments or business initiatives. Our partners add substantially more value than a controller that focuses on tracking past events. Our focus is broader-more forward looking, our experience is deeper and we design our work to assist you in ways that accountants would not even consider. Our partners become your partner, learning your goals and objectives and helping your business to be successful.

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