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From turnarounds and P&L management to ERP design and implementation our experienced CFOs deliver critical expertise as you need it.
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We deliver CFO services on an as needed basis, including: cash flow, strategic planning & execution, budget & debt management...
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We have in-depth experience, including: healthcare, agriculture, financial services, construction, manufacturing, professional services...
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About the Florida CFO Group

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The Florida CFO Group was founded in 2010 for the exclusive purpose of providing CFO services. Each of our partners are CFOs who have been providing CFO services on a fractional share (part-time) or interim basis over the past decade or more. Each brings the wide range of skills of the CFO to the table as well as the experience of servicing clients in a consultative CFO manner. Our approach to client service includes two core guiding principals.

We specialize in the CFO function. We do not provide services as controllers or other finance functions for many reasons. First, we design our CFO services to leverage our client's full-time permanent accounting and finance staff whenever possible. Secondly we believe the pressure to sell other professional services to our clients could compromise our independence. Hence our role as "Chief Profitability Officer" resides fully with our clients and not to The CFO Group.

Integration into executive management team. As consulting CFOs we excel in delivering financial leadership to the executive management team. The scope of services recommended always makes this a priority. Our frequency of being on-site will be dependent on inclusion in the executive management team as well as the needs of the accounting and finance function. Hence our services are designed to be proactive in the performance of the CFO function.

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"Betsy came to IC Intracom highly recommended by several people, and stepped into a difficult position during a financial turnaround. She exceeded all expectations as CFO (later made COO), as she steadfastly worked through capitalization of the company and enactment of cost controls during the turnaround. She meshed well with all team members and was able to help guide the company using her winning interpersonal effectiveness. I highly recommend Betsy for the top Finance job in any company. Given the opportunity, I would be proud to work alongside Besty again, including in my current or future assignments."
Don Barry, The ACCEL Performance Group

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